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Holiday Survival Guide

It is that time of year! Enter my HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE that will help you tackle the typical issues people run into during this season. This time of year tends to be very emotional for most people. For some it is a time of joy and happiness as they are engaged with family and friends they don’t normally get to see. For others it can be a very sad and lonely time because of the lack of these strong bonds and relationships. Nevertheless, most people are engaged in activities and lifestyle adjustments they don’t normally participate in (excessive alcohol consumption, overindulging on sweets just to name a few).

It has been my experience that people overthink things and are so focused on the perverbial “dot” that they do not see the big picture. This is where my HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE can add tremendous value. Let’s say you have been going to the gym 3-4 days a week. You invested in working out with a personal trainer. You made serious lifestyle changes with your diet (maybe things like cutting out soft drinks, limiting alcohol consumption, eliminating foods like pasta etc). In return for these “sacrifices” you have lost body fat, increased strength, and boosted your energy (not so much of a sacrifice is it). On top of this you committed to journaling your transformation process. Most people journal to help during those times where you need to reflect on past mistakes in order to avoid future pitfalls. In short you have literally changed your life! Here is my first suggestion: You need to identify that the person you are afraid of becoming over the holiday season is actually not you at all but a shell of your former self. You have now transformed (and are continuing to transform) into a greater version of you. This visualization and realization will put you in a position of power over your former bad habits. That person is not you, that lifestyle is not your lifestyle… NO MORE!

Does this mean that you can’t “live a little” over the holidays? No not at all! In fact I encourage it for my clients! Why? Because I know the new you is not enticed by the things that the old you participated in. In fact when it pertains to the relationship I have with my clients I know they are capable of so much more than they expect from themselves. So when they re-engage in old behaviors, 9 times out of 10 they have greater control, “cheat” substantially less, and in turn amaze themselves and have the self realization that they can do this. They are no longer a slave to their former selves! This my friends is truly amazing to witness.

So be confident. Understand that you are not a slave to your desires. Enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Indulge but do not overindulge. And if you fall off the horse, get right back on it! This part is critical. Do not allow time to get away from you. If you allow it days will turn into weeks, and weeks into months. If you are in a good lifestyle routine (working out, meal prepping etc) and you deviate from it a little or even drastically, you need to get right back on your routine the moment you realize you have gone off track. Remember, tomorrow is a dirty word. If you have not established these critical lifestyle enhancements then get with a professional, develop a strategy and action plan, and most importantly get to work immediately!

I hope the tips I shared with you here in my HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE bring you peace and joy this holiday season.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Coach Steve

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