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Make Your Resolutions Your Resolve!

Are you ready to make your resolutions your resolve this year? First let’s take a look at the definition of RESOLVE: To decide firmly on a course of action; a firm determination to do something. I believe people set out with great intentions and a strong desire to truly make a change in their lives. Throughout my career where I have seen the greatest level of failure is due to the lack of follow through. It is easy to get excited to start something new. It is like a new gift that you are totally enamored with. Eventually over time it loses it’s luster and you are ready to move onto something new. The problem with this mindset when it comes to healthy living is it does not work! Sadly our society breeds this kind of mindset along with quick fixes. It is not about the short term, it is about the process that over time creates lasting results. Goals are great and accomplishing them is even greater. Where most people miss out when it comes to goal setting is that they forget to enjoy the process. Let’s take a look at how you can make this year the year you make your resolutions your resolve:

Set Appropriate Goals: When looking at a map you don’t just start driving and allow the roads to dictate your destination. You have a set destination and then you layout the fastest, most efficient route possible. Why is your life any different when it comes to fitness and wellness goals. What I teach my clients is how to set appropriate short and long term goals. Let me give you an example: Let’s say you want to lose 80 pounds. To top it off let’s say this is not your first go-around trying to get this weight off. So your emotional state is one of skepticism, and doubt. Sound familiar? If so let’s discuss how to break this down so that you set yourself up for success. First you must take one look at the 80 pound goal and give it a timeframe (let’s say 1 year). Now that this is set forget about it. 80 pounds for most people is like climbing Mt Everest; an insurmountable obstacle. This long term goal is used to reverse engineer your short term goal (say monthly). So every month you need to average about 6 1/2 pounds of weight loss over a 12 month period. Do you think you can manage that? Much easier to wrap your mind around and puts you in a mental position of strength rather than weakness.

Work With a Professional: This is not a pitch on my services. I do what I do because people need the help, coaching, and guidance to live well and be fit. Most people quit because they have no idea what they are doing (no fault of their own, it is not something they spend time researching). If you wanted to learn golf you could buy clubs, go swing them, and play with a homemade swing. You would have no idea about the fundamentals of the swing but you could do it. Now imagine you decided to spend 3 months, 2-3 days a week with a golf professional. He/she would build a solid foundation for you so that you could understand the intricacies of the golf swing such as the grip, alignment, and stance. Along with the correct planes, angles, and pivots you need to operate from to create a repeatable swing and consistently strike the golf ball pure. A well rounded fitness professional and nutrition coach will give you the same priceless information that will never leave you. Money is spent on all types of frivolous things that have no value. Don’t let this year pass you by using the money excuse. Reallocate resources to the things that matter most. Your health should be top priority.


Follow Through with Action! Make your resolutions your resolve. Do this by understanding if what you have been doing isn’t working you must change, PERIOD! If someone is telling you that minor tweaks are all you need they are either knowingly or unknowlingly lying to you. Nothing in life that is worth anything comes easy. Well laid plans are rendered absolutely useless without hard work and continued follow through. This is not a once and done program. What makes victory so sweet is that you get challenged and stretched in ways you didn’t know you could handle. The life that you desire and deserve is yours for the taking. Don’t let it elude you because you are not willing to put the work in. You are worth it and you can do this! Surround yourself with people that will lift you up and keep you accountable. Do these things and you will acheive your goals. You were created for amazing purpose. Make every day count!

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